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Helping Families Throughout The Area

Lawyer Dominick D. DeRose has built our firm by compassionately helping families facing some of their significant challenges. In doing so, he established our firm’s hallmark: a personalized approach to the law.

Attorney DeRose continues that approach today with our firm’s legal team. Drawing on his insights, we combine that personalized approach with a vigorous advocacy for our clients’ rights in negotiations and in the courtroom whenever necessary.

More Than 30 Years of Family Law Excellence In The West Houston, Texas, Area

Those years of experience provide our lawyers with the legal judgment clients throughout the area have come to value. You, too, will be able to rely on our judgment confidently when you are considering how to resolve your family’s legal dispute.

We assist clients with a variety of difficult family matters. These matters include, among other things:

Whatever issues you and your family are facing, you will know you can depend on us to advise you in a way that is personalized to your specific situation. We understand how cases similar to yours have been handled within our jurisdiction and can help you see how the general law may be applied in your particular situation.

When you need to make a tough decision, you can count on us to advise you candidly. We will help you understand exactly where your case stands so you can move forward intelligently.

Let Us Help You Move Forward

Call us at 281-815-2619 to schedule your initial consultation with us. You can also contact us online if you prefer. We have a consultation fee of $100.