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Protecting Your Relationship With Your Children

When it comes to your children, we understand how important it is to have someone whose judgment you can rely on for advice. That importance only increases when you and your children are involved in legal proceedings involving child custody and child support.

If you are facing those legal concerns, you can turn to us here at the law office of attorney Dominick D. DeRose. For more than three decades, clients from throughout the West Houston, Texas, area have relied on Dominick D. DeRose’s judgment as a lawyer. You can, too.

Focused On Getting The Job Done

You do not want to be learning the rules regarding child support and child custody for the first time while working on your own case. When your relationship with your children is at stake, you want to turn to our professionals who understand how these rules work.

Our focus on you means helping you get the fair treatment to which you are entitled under the law. Because we work closely with you, we can build a legal strategy responsive to the particularities of your situation.

In the process, we apply more than 30 years of experience in child custody and child support cases. Our experience means you can count on us to help you understand how your case may be viewed in light of the many, many other cases we know about and have worked on previously.

Learn More About How We Can Help You And Your Children

You can schedule your initial consultation with our office online. You can also reach us by phone: 281-815-2619. We have a consultation fee of $100.