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Experienced Support Modifying Orders

Even after your divorce case is over, life goes on. With life, however, comes change.

When those changes occur, many clients throughout the West Houston, Texas, area come to see our legal professionals here at the law office of Dominick D. DeRose. We regularly help clients who need legal services with respect to modifying (or protecting) child support or child custody rules in their divorces.

You Can Rely On Our Experienced Legal Judgment

We know how stressful modification disputes can be especially when they are child support modifications or they involve relocation. Our attorneys help you by providing legal representation that is as compassionate as it is effective.

Our compassion finds its root in the personalized legal representation we aim to provide to all of our clients. That hallmark personalized legal representation makes it possible to advise you very specifically regarding your modification concerns.

It also makes it possible for us to give you individual access to our firm’s experienced legal judgment. After more than three decades, our firm’s founding lawyer, Dominick D. DeRose, understands how the general law gets applied to specific modification cases.

As a result, even when the rules regarding modifications get complex, we can help you understand how those rules apply to your particular case. You will be able to move forward confidently, knowing we are committed to fighting to protect your rights.

Put More Than 30 Years Of Experience To Work On Your Case

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